Saturday, October 22, 2011

Famous Or Infamous

     In today's music industry the line between the two is a blur. Many artist today bank off controversy to gain attention and publicity just to promote the sale of their next single or album. What's sad is these artist are no better then toddlers throwing a tantrum just to get what they want. Is fame really enough treasure to supplement for the loss of integrity? I think not, and if you have sacrificed integrity for the promise of fame, you are indeed infamous. Infamy may rake in some cash but at what expense? Living a life to please the masses at any cost is no different then selling yourself....literally. I encourage anyone seeking fame to think twice before chasing exposure for a few pennies. A few pennies that are spent almost instantly trying to maintain this "status" that far to many hold dear. Some hold "fame" closer then their very own families. As an artist or as an individual I ask that you hold on to your integrity, know your worth. Selling yourself cheap for temporary fame will leave you empty and your identity in everyone's hands but yours.

- Devans Verse

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