Friday, November 18, 2011

Astro A Talented 15 Year Old

This week X-Factors bottom two results came at a surprise.  Astro a young hip-hop artist from Brooklyn ended up in the bottom two.  I must say this through me for a loop seeing that he's one of the most talented acts on the show.  Note: Astro writes his own lyrics.  No other contestant does this.  So what is this blog post about?  Well all the talk is about Astro's "bad" attitude toward being in the bottom two.  After watching the footage from last nights results show I must say that his attitude was bad.  I'll agree with everyone on that.  But I'll also add that Astro is fifteen years old.  Im sure you remember when you were fifteen.  The only thing different about when you were fifteen and Astro being fifteen now is that you as a teenager, still figuring out life didn't have the pressure of singing/rapping in front of millions of people every single week.  Most adults can't even read a poem in front of ten people rather then recite rhythmic poetry in front of millions on a weekly basis.  But I hope we all can see this isn't his only obstacle.

Astro has to fight every week just to feel like people accept him.  This is a fight the older more mature contestants can deal with and due to this stressful competition Astro may have to cope with this emotional strenuous moment for the rest of his life.

In my last point I just want you to imagine carrying the weight of having to provide for your family at fifteen.  At fifteen years old I was still trying to figure out how I would provide my teacher my homework.  We all can act as if we were perfect at fifteen, but none of use can really imagine what that kid is going through right now.  It's hard to even imagine what the adults are going through, simply because we've never been there.

- DsVerse

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