Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drake's "Take Care" Review

So I had a chance to listen to Drake's sophomore album "Take Care".  Free!  I know your thinking I downloaded the leak version.  Wrong!  I figured going through the trouble of finding and downloading the leaked album would be over doing it.  So I waited for the official "Take Care" release and listend to the album free courtesy of Spotify.  No guilt here!

So on with the review!  Drakes "Take Care" has the obvious features Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Rick Ross unfortunately Birdman has a short gangster rant on the ninth track "We'll Be Fine".  The Weeknd was a welcomed feature on track four "Crew Love".  But I was most pleased with the Andre 3000 feature on track fourteen with Lil Wayne.  Over all I'd prefer less features but im not complaining.

Content seems to be cohesive.  There are more (rap ballads) then uptempo hip-hop songs on this album.  But thats fine with me.  I'm used to the Drake of "So Far Gone", so this didn't bother me.  As far as lyricism is concerned.  I must say Drake shows a variety of lyrical talents and in my opinion gives a better performance here in "Take Care" then he did in "Thank Me Later".

Over all Drakes sophomore album "Take Care" is a great album.  Is it worth the purchase... Maybe.  It depends on your taste in hip-hop.  If you want music that is mellow, with thoughtful lyrics that tell a story.  "Take Care"may be right up your alley.  With that said I'll give Drakes album "Take Care" a good 7/10.

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