Monday, February 13, 2012

Roman Zolanski? I'd rather have Nicki Minaj

At the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj did manage to pull a win for "Most Confusing, Chaotic, Ridiculous, Unperfected Performance" in Grammy Award history. Minaj almost destroyed her entire career in a single night. It wasn't her stretch to be creative and different that everyone hated.  Everyone just hates that it wasn't "Nicki Minaj".  I love it when artists step out of the box and do things differently.  My problem with the performance was in the execution.  The performance was sloppy and amidst the chaos on stage the music was forced to take a backseat.  I hope Nicki Minaj...or Roman Zolanski learns that a stage performance is like painting a picture and telling a story. A story has to be clearly understood and enjoyable.  Nicki Minaj's performance last night was neither.

Here is a video clip of Nicki Minajs Grammy performance, courtesy of MTV NEWS

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