Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soundcloud! I've got a problem with you!

     I officially have "beef" with the popular online music sharing website Soundcloud.com.  I think Soundcloud has huge problems when it comes down to their transcoding procedure.  I understand compressing massive files to allow hassle free streaming.  What I have a problem with is the distortion of audio within the music I have recently attempted to upload.  Take into consideration that none of the previous songs I have uploaded to Soundcloud have this distortion.  Prior to upload none of my songs have distortion.  I think that Soundcloud has changed something recently that is causing problems with upload.  I will add that Soundcloud is an amazing website for sharing and promoting your music.  But this experience is forcing me to think otherwise.  I want to continue using Soundcloud but not at the expense of distorting my material.  If there is anyone who's had similar issues feel free to leave a comment.  Soundcloud needs to fix this!

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