Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Coming Home

As this deployment comes to a close, I can honestly say that this has been nothing short of a life altering experience.  In one room I've seen life at my right hand and death on my left.  I've heard the whaling cries of sorrow and apology to the dead.  These things are forever burned into my memory, and with no desire to ever forget, I'll keep near the realities of life and death.  I've learned more during these short nine months then I've ever learned professionally, socially and academically.  Because of this I have no regrets.  Though hard to swallow, I know that there is reason I had to endure this, and sincerely believe some things happen for a reason.  If the reason was to become stronger, I have.  If the reason was to be wiser, I am. If the reason was to become better educated, I know. If the reason was to make clear my future path, I now see.  As I begin my travels home, I realize that I'll be bringing back more than I took.  I'm proud to say that all the experiences I'll return with has made me a better person.

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