Friday, August 22, 2014

LISTEN UP!!! #2 Porter Robinson and Kimbra

Hello everyone!  This week I've decided to try something new.  This past Monday, I opened up my trusty music companion Spotify and played the first new release title to pop up.  It was slightly liberating to simply choose without thinking to deeply.  I must say I am pleased with myself for being risky and just taking a chance.  When browsing the "New Release" section of Spotify I get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of artist I am unfamiliar with.  This usually detours me from taking a chance, and I usually end up going with the trusty old playlist.  Happy I didn't give up easily this time as I have discovered two albums that have refreshed my musical pallet.

The first album I discovered was "Worlds" by Porter Robinson.  I happen to be a fan of CERTAIN types of electronic music as I produce forms of electronic music myself.  I must say that after giving the album in its entirety a few listens, I feel like this album was created specifically for my ears.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Be my guest and listen for yourself. The album is on the right! Enjoy!


(Favorite songs on Porter Robinson's "Worlds" - "Sad Machine", "Years Of War", "Sea Of Voices")

In my search for new and great music I discovered another album worth talking about.  "The Golden Echo" by Kimbra is definitely worth every minute.  This girl has got enough jazz, soul and personality in her voice to keep me listening for days.  I will have to say that even on my first listen I had to repeat a few songs before I continued. Yes they were just that good.  Her voice is well accompanied by intricate and sophisticated melodies that kept my ears on high alert.  If you are a musician like me the fine details won't go undiscovered.  Check it out below.  As of now I'm still very much enjoying this album.


(Favorite songs on Kimbra's "The Golden Echo"- "Goldmine","Rescue Him","As You Are".)

This will conclude LISTEN UP!!! #2.  Thank You to all who stop by every now and then.  I'll definitely try and keep you all updated on any other great music I happen to discover.

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