Sunday, October 25, 2015


Yes it's true. I'm diving into the"Beat Making" industry. Yes it's an industry. Over the past few years I've been struggling with this idea. Some producers have taken their talents to beat making and have become very successful in the business. Some producers hate the idea of selling art at such a low price point, stating that it ultimately devalues the art and saturates the market, making it more difficult for other producers who are trying to get their music heard. I can definitely understand both sides but at the same time the other side of the argument is very similar to that of markets that failed to quickly adapt to the changes of this digital age. These changes have made creating beats or music in general in large bulk much easier than it used to be. I sincerely believe that someone who sees beat making as a cheap art should rethink its purpose. With the growing entertainment industry that is ever saturated with music in every way to discount the art and benefit to your bottom line would be foolish. As a producer you must have a presence in all facets of the music industry and when making a "beat" consider that your music is marketable to an unlimited amount of licensing and publishing opportunities that could potentially provide a hefty return in royalties from repeated play across multiple media markets. You must also remember that though there are probably thousands of "Beat Makers" there are few great producers. There are few great marketers that take advantage of effective resources to get there music heard. There are few who broaden there talents with education and portfolio expansion. Lastly there is no one who has your creative mind and makes the music that you make with your very own ideas. Picasso was famous for his paintings.. Not anyone else's.

Even with all that said I still have second thoughts... I feel as if there's a better way.. I'll either find it or create it myself.

Sample of some "BEATS" coming your way for purchase very soon!

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