Saturday, January 9, 2016

I Was Inspired Even More by Nino Brown

I'm not short of motivation in any definition of the term as of now, but watching this video pumped me up even more. The desire I have to achieve any and everything I put my mind to was improved that much more. Nino's words are very true. You can't expect good things to come your way if you only focus on the unfortunate events in your life. I've never observed a wealthy and emotionally stable individual live as if they are broke and depressed about their failures. I just don't believe you can reach that status and have also lived a pessimistic life style, they just don't go together. After watching this video I've decided to add a daily mantra to my life style. I will live everyday as if the greatest thing is about to occur at any moment, and be ready for it. I challenge you to do this also. Of course you can't wish for something and not put in work so as you work towards your goals believe that everyday your dreams are about to come true. I only have one life, so why would I live it without hope, without faith.

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Posted by Nino brown on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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