Sunday, January 17, 2016

This Kendrick Lamar Performance... Chills

It is very rare, better yet let me rephrase. I have never felt blown away by a Hip-Hop performance period. After watching Kendrick Lamar perform his new song on Jimmy Fallon I was utterly stunned at the level he as achieved as an artist. Some may disagree but at this point in time there is no greater performer in Hip-Hop at this very moment in our generation. Lyrical commitment, dictation, syncopation with the live band and artistry exploding on that stage revealed a very ugly and alternate side of hip-hop that Kendrick has surpassed by several leaps. This performance shows me that 95% of hip-hop artist are just lazy when it comes to their craft. Rapping with their own track playing at the same time in every performance is just unacceptable. I never understood why most main stream rappers find it hard to remember there very own songs. Another complaint I have is due to the lack of a band during live performances, not sure who I should blame; the label? The artist? I'll just say the artist. If I were the artist and the label wouldn't pay for a band I would just pay for it myself. I guess that's why Hip Hop has changed so much. Money has consumed the artist and has caused them to sacrifice the art for temporary gains. In my opinion Kendrick Lamar has already defined his legacy and made his mark in Hip-Hop history, no music history. Most of these artist will come and go without a trace. When I solidify my mark in this industry, I'll leave only my best for the sake of music as the transformative art that it is.

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