Monday, March 7, 2016

Again & Again Top 10 R & B - Soul

Man its good to be back! After a month long training event with this military and proud to say my last. I am happy to be home, ready to kick into high gear and create more great music.  This last month has definitely been challenging to say the least, but enough with that and on-to new things.

One thing that has continually kept me motivated is the ongoing support for my music and brand given the circumstances that prevent me from blogging, creating and tweeting regularly to keep your attention. After a long stint away, it always makes me happy to see a growing fan base and following.

With that said. I am proud to say that my song "Again and Again (feat. Jenell Nicole)" has made the Broadjam Top 10 List: R & B - Soul This not only lets me know that people are listening and liking what they hear, but also lets me know that I'm doing something right. So I'll keep up the good work and celebrate this victory and I encourage you to do the same with all of your future accomplishments.

This announcement may not be the biggest and most grand thing that has ever happened to me but I've come to live in a place mentally where even the smallest of victories and accomplishments deserve recognition and celebration.

If you are a creator or just another individual who may find it difficult to acknowledged even the small successes in your life I encourage you to try. We can all use a pick-me-up of encouragement. So whether it may be, a weight loss goal, a simple "you're doing a great job" at your place of employment don't be afraid to celebrate those victory's they're worth the recognition too.

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