Monday, April 11, 2016

"Idio - Harmonic Beats" Vol. 1 Is AVAILABLE NOW

SURPRISE!!! I know it's my birthday, but why not gift you something special just to say thank you for your support. I've released a twelve track instrumental or beat album titled "Idio-Harmonic Beats Vol. 1". It's a collection of instrumentals produced by me to introduce a unique sound, mixing various genres. The title "IDIO-HARMONIC" is derived from the words Idiosyncratic and Harmonic. Idiosyncratic meaning different. Harmonics representing frequency, signal or wave through vibration. Yes, I've also included "Vol. 1" indicating that there will be more to come, but today on this occasion, my birthday, born in 86"... Your math is correct... I turned thirty. I give you again Idio-Harmonic Beats Vol. 1". The album is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc...

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