Wednesday, April 12, 2017

As I Drown In My Education... Music Still Works

     Since I last posted about being in a new city, things haven't changed much. I'm steadily trucking along towards this degree as planned, working and honestly barley working on music; unfortunately. That's definitely about to change. My point is; even when you're not working on music your music can still work for you. Being able to submit to a music library or publisher is definitely a benefit if your able to build a catalog. As stated before I haven't worked on much recently, but a track I submitted months ago has just recently aired on an episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. That's definitely one of the cool things about music licensing, you can still get placements even on music that would be considered "old". I guess the biggest part about this whole thing for me is that this is my first track I've had licensed that is solely a work of my own, as in I'm the only creator or producer. I have had collaborative works get placed before, but its definitely a good feeling to have one of own out there.

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