Monday, April 11, 2016

"Idio - Harmonic Beats" Vol. 1 Is AVAILABLE NOW

SURPRISE!!! I know it's my birthday, but why not gift you something special just to say thank you for your support. I've released a twelve track instrumental or beat album titled "Idio-Harmonic Beats Vol. 1". It's a collection of instrumentals produced by me to introduce a unique sound, mixing various genres. The title "IDIO-HARMONIC" is derived from the words Idiosyncratic and Harmonic. Idiosyncratic meaning different. Harmonics representing frequency, signal or wave through vibration. Yes, I've also included "Vol. 1" indicating that there will be more to come, but today on this occasion, my birthday, born in 86"... Your math is correct... I turned thirty. I give you again Idio-Harmonic Beats Vol. 1". Below you'll find embedded a Soundcloud player and you can listen as much as you like.  The album is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Again & Again Top 10 R & B - Soul

Man its good to be back! After a month long training event with this military and proud to say my last. I am happy to be home, ready to kick into high gear and create more great music.  This last month has definitely been challenging to say the least, but enough with that and on-to new things.

One thing that has continually kept me motivated is the ongoing support for my music and brand given the circumstances that prevent me from blogging, creating and tweeting regularly to keep your attention. After a long stint away, it always makes me happy to see a growing fan base and following.

With that said. I am proud to say that my song "Again and Again (feat. Jenell Nicole)" has made the Broadjam Top 10 List: R & B - Soul This not only lets me know that people are listening and liking what they hear, but also lets me know that I'm doing something right. So I'll keep up the good work and celebrate this victory and I encourage you to do the same with all of your future accomplishments.

This announcement may not be the biggest and most grand thing that has ever happened to me but I've come to live in a place mentally where even the smallest of victories and accomplishments deserve recognition and celebration.

If you are a creator or just another individual who may find it difficult to acknowledged even the small successes in your life I encourage you to try. We can all use a pick-me-up of encouragement. So whether it may be, a weight loss goal, a simple "you're doing a great job" at your place of employment don't be afraid to celebrate those victory's they're worth the recognition too.

Monday, January 25, 2016

#TEAMTIMBO Great Interview with Timbaland about Industry and Change

Timbaland spoke about his history and change within the industry. Timbaland is definitely one of my greatest inspirations when it comes to the level of success he has reached. Success isn't my only marker but Timbaland even with his extensive and successful career displays a level of humbleness I will maintain within my own journey. Check out the HOT 97 interview!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

This Kendrick Lamar Performance... Chills

It is very rare, better yet let me rephrase. I have never felt blown away by a Hip-Hop performance period. After watching Kendrick Lamar perform his new song on Jimmy Fallon I was utterly stunned at the level he as achieved as an artist. Some may disagree but at this point in time there is no greater performer in Hip-Hop at this very moment in our generation. Lyrical commitment, dictation, syncopation with the live band and artistry exploding on that stage revealed a very ugly and alternate side of hip-hop that Kendrick has surpassed by several leaps. This performance shows me that 95% of hip-hop artist are just lazy when it comes to their craft. Rapping with their own track playing at the same time in every performance is just unacceptable. I never understood why most main stream rappers find it hard to remember there very own songs. Another complaint I have is due to the lack of a band during live performances, not sure who I should blame; the label? The artist? I'll just say the artist. If I were the artist and the label wouldn't pay for a band I would just pay for it myself. I guess that's why Hip Hop has changed so much. Money has consumed the artist and has caused them to sacrifice the art for temporary gains. In my opinion Kendrick Lamar has already defined his legacy and made his mark in Hip-Hop history, no music history. Most of these artist will come and go without a trace. When I solidify my mark in this industry, I'll leave only my best for the sake of music as the transformative art that it is.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

I Was Inspired Even More by Nino Brown

I'm not short of motivation in any definition of the term as of now, but watching this video pumped me up even more. The desire I have to achieve any and everything I put my mind to was improved that much more. Nino's words are very true. You can't expect good things to come your way if you only focus on the unfortunate events in your life. I've never observed a wealthy and emotionally stable individual live as if they are broke and depressed about their failures. I just don't believe you can reach that status and have also lived a pessimistic life style, they just don't go together. After watching this video I've decided to add a daily mantra to my life style. I will live everyday as if the greatest thing is about to occur at any moment, and be ready for it. I challenge you to do this also. Of course you can't wish for something and not put in work so as you work towards your goals believe that everyday your dreams are about to come true. I only have one life, so why would I live it without hope, without faith.

If u want to get rich #PressPlay
Posted by Nino brown on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Better To Reach

2015 has definitely been eventful to say the least. I've grown as an individual. I've grown professionally and I have attempted to make the best of the time I have had. I believe if you've also accomplished these three things at some point within this year you have definitely set yourself up for success in the coming year. I imagine this coming year to be both challenging and rewarding, not just for me but for all of us. I can easily include "all" within that statement because being human and evolving socially is both challenging and rewarding no matter who you are. To prepare for this upcoming year I've written out some goals that I'm challenging myself to achieve. Besides whats the point of going into a  New Year without any clue of the direction you want to go? Some people may prefer blind wandering but I myself have to see my destination and with unwavering focus stay the course. I know things don't always go as planned so within my plan I also have to plan to stay optimistic and never give up. People often think that being overly optimistic about the seemingly impossible is foolish. I see it as being grateful, and adventurous to take full advantage of the time you have here on this earth. You often get mocked for attempting to live your dream. One thing I've noticed is that the only regrets most have at the end of life are all related to things that they should have done and things they should have done more. At the end of my life I want be the individual who always reached for more rather than the one who never reached at all. As we transition into 2016 try to imagine that person you want to become with all of the achievements you desire to reach and chase it. You owe this to yourself.

Monday, November 30, 2015

"BURN" Is here!

My new song "Burn" is here and I'm giving it to you all for free. Just as I've said before; art is powerful, music is powerful. As a producer, songwriter, vocalist and musician I feel like it is my responsibility to use my talents to prick the heart and spark a changing thought in the minds of those who will listen. Some of us as writers get caught up in safe and popular subject matters, but in spirit of the #ClimateSummit this song is more then timely. THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

You can download this song by clicking the download link and image below or just visit and download it there.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Again & Again feat. Jenell Nicole (Lyric Video)

A while back a stated working on the lyric video for my single "Again & Again". I had to put a pause on it though to finish up a few projects I've had in the works. It's coming along though and I should be back at it to finish it up really soon. I know you'll enjoy it and play it on repeat many, many, many, times on youtube when it's released haha! Here's a sample I posted on Instagram a while back.
Don't forget the song is available on all digital sources iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc. and free to listen on my SoundCloud

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Yes it's true. I'm diving into the"Beat Making" industry. Yes it's an industry. Over the past few years I've been struggling with this idea. Some producers have taken their talents to beat making and have become very successful in the business. Some producers hate the idea of selling art at such a low price point, stating that it ultimately devalues the art and saturates the market, making it more difficult for other producers who are trying to get their music heard. I can definitely understand both sides but at the same time the other side of the argument is very similar to that of markets that failed to quickly adapt to the changes of this digital age. These changes have made creating beats or music in general in large bulk much easier than it used to be. I sincerely believe that someone who sees beat making as a cheap art should rethink its purpose. With the growing entertainment industry that is ever saturated with music in every way to discount the art and benefit to your bottom line would be foolish. As a producer you must have a presence in all facets of the music industry and when making a "beat" consider that your music is marketable to an unlimited amount of licensing and publishing opportunities that could potentially provide a hefty return in royalties from repeated play across multiple media markets. You must also remember that though there are probably thousands of "Beat Makers" there are few great producers. There are few great marketers that take advantage of effective resources to get there music heard. There are few who broaden there talents with education and portfolio expansion. Lastly there is no one who has your creative mind and makes the music that you make with your very own ideas. Picasso was famous for his paintings.. Not anyone else's.

Even with all that said I still have second thoughts... I feel as if there's a better way.. I'll either find it or create it myself.

Sample of some "BEATS" coming your way for purchase very soon!

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